Boxycharm February 2019 Review



Glow upon glow upon glow. Get ready to get your glow on for the month of love. Boxycharm’s theme for the month of February is called After glow and it’ll be sure to make you glimmer with it’s amazing choices. This month will feature a popular mascara, a cream that smells like coconuts, and a primer that will hide all your pores and wrinkles. Let’s get into this month’s box.


Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream:

Their Brazilian Bum Bum cream was a HUGE hit with me, so it was only natural to me that I would instantly like this cream. Before I knew this was coming in my box, I happen to come across this cream at a Sephora and my first impressions on it were that I really didn’t like the scent. I’m not a big coconut scented person. There are some products that are tolerable with it but for some reason this one was a bit off for me scent wise. As far as the product is concerned it definitely left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It’s texture is that of oil in water gel cream. It has a blend of fermented sugar and nourishing coconut oil. I do feel it does exactly what it says it’s supposed to but I’m just not crazy about the scent. If you love coconut scented products than you’ll be sure to love this cream. Retails for $20


Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B Bronzer:

When I first found out I was getting this bronzer, I was a little bummed as I really wanted the highlighter instead but after receiving the bronzer, I actually ended up liking it. First off, Pretty Vulgar has some of my favorite packaging. Everything of there’s stays true to their theme of vintage inspired products. Their packaging alone makes it difficult to want to open and use the product because it’s so pretty. The bronzer caught me by surprise as it felt really smooth to touch and worked well with my skin tone. I used it as a contour and it really gave definition to my cheeks. I loved how it blended and how it gave off this smooth matte finish to my skin. I’m glad Boxy chose this one for me after all. Retails for $32


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara:

Now I know everyone has heard of this infamous mascara from Too Faced. The Better than Sex mascara that claims it’s literally better than sex. This mascara is in my top 3 mascaras. Coming in at number two this mascara gives amazing volume and drama to your lashes which is what caught my attention about it. It gives your lashes the perfect curl and let’s them do all the seducing. However, why is this mascara my number two favorite? Well because I’ve noticed that after awhile it starts to slightly clump up and I’m not a big fan of clumping mascaras. It isn’t so bad to the point that I won’t wear it again but it is a bit annoying. I think it’s great that they included this in a Boxycharm box so those who haven’t tried it can finally get the chance to. Retails for 24.


Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer:


This is what had me most excited about this month’s box. I’ve never heard of the brand Touch in Sol but I couldn’t wait to try this product out. I was in need of a new primer so I got really excited to see this is my box. I love how it blurs your pores and wrinkles. My biggest issue are the pores on my nose so I was glad to see those blurred out. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I have dry skin so I loved how it worked with my skin and got it ready for foundation. It has green tea and collagen in it to help hold your makeup in place. You can wear this with makeup or for a more natural look you could wear it alone. Retails for $18


Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in the shade Copper:


This was the one item in my box I was least impressed with. I love the Nudestix brand but the shade I was given for this eye pencil is a shade that I probably won’t use because (A) I don’t like it and (B) I have lots of shades in palettes similar to it. Although the formula is different from a typical powder eye shadow palette, it just didn’t wow me to the point that I couldn’t wait to try it. Either way it claims to be super gliding, pigmented,  and easy to blend. I would have really loved it had it come in a different shade. Retails for $24


This month’s Boxycharm was ok. I feel there have been better. The better than sex mascara was cool to see in the box. Although, I already have three of them, it is still a good mascara minus the slight clumping. The no poreblem primer was my favorite item in the box and I loved how it came in perfect timing when a primer was needed. The bronzer was a surprise to me as I wanted the highlighter instead but the bronzer ended up being a gem and I loved it. The coco cabana cream works wonderfully on the skin but the scent is a no no for me and the Nudestix eye pencil, though I’m sure works really well as an eye pencil, the shade was just not for me. I look forward to next month as we are about to get into Boxy Luxe month and you all know what that means. Lot’s of skincare and makeup. Remember if you want to sign up for Boxycharm, it is $21 a month. Click on the link below to sign up.

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