Glossybox Spa Retreat October Box Review

There’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful than to spend some time at the spa. What’s even better is when the spa treatment gets delivered right at your front door. That’s what Glossybox accomplished for the month of October. The Glossy Retreat themed box had pretty much everything you need for a relaxing experience at home. It was a little different than your typical Glossybox but we welcomed it with open arms. So sit back, relax, and let’s go ahead and get into this month’s treat.


Invisibobble Sprunchie:

thumbnail (33)

Glossybox definitely decided to call the 80’s back with this sprunchie. I was a little surprised as I haven’t received anything like this before in a box. If you don’t know what a sprunchie is, it’s a scrunchie that has kind of like a key ring that you would put on your wrist in it to better grasp your hair and hold it in place. I think the concept of a sprunchie is pretty cool and I have heard some really good things about it but I’m not really a scrunchie/sprunchie person. I usually wear hair ties and although I love hair products, I’m not particularly crazy for scrunchies. So I wasn’t really excited for this item. You can view this as part of your spa treatment by picking up your hair and keeping it in place while you take a soothing bath. I’ve decided to give mine away only because I just don’t see myself using it. Retail Price $7.


Georgette Klinger Rose Clarifying Toner:

thumbnail (31)

Now this, I’m excited for! I love sheet masking so of course when doing a sheet mask in order to get better results you should use a toner before putting on the mask and I was all out. Thanks to this rose clarifying toner, I’m back in the game. I really loved how this cleaned up more pores. It has a blend of witch hazel, antioxidants, and aloe vera. It also kept my skin hydrated and keeps the grease off your skin. It gave my skin a healthy look and the rose scent on it smells so good. I would say this is my favorite item in the box. Retails for $26.


Nails Inc. London Nail Polish in Victory Place:

thumbnail (32)

This is the first time I hear about this brand. The nail polish color is so pretty. It reminds me of a frosted pink shade. The only downfall I personally have with this is I don’t usually paint my own nails. It’s once in a blue moon that I will and I also have quite a few polishes similar to this shade. Although the brush on it is a really good brush and the application is easy, I don’t see myself using it much. Retails for $15.


Lumene Purity Dew Drop Hydrating Eye Gel:

thumbnail (36)

This one makes me disappointed, only because I’ve received this before in a previous Glossybox. I know every once in a while Glossybox will repeat an item but I feel there are sooo many items that are variations that we may not receive and maybe those items should be the repeat item. Kind of like a shuffle. This eye gel is a great eye gel as I stated in a previous review. It definately gives you that hydrating feel under your eyes. Unfortunately, I already have it but don’t see a reason to keep another. Not that I don’t like that product but there are so many other ones I would like to try. Retails for $14.99


Tocca Montauk Candle Salt Air & Cucumber:

This is another first, I’ve never received a candle in a box. A bit different from what I’m used to with Glossybox but I’m not mad at it. It still lives up to the spa theme of the box. It smells really good and sets the scene for a relaxing time. One thing I really like is the frosted glass it comes in. Once you are done using your candle, the glass can be used as a jewelry holder, which I think is pretty cool and it has this classy look to it. Retails for $42.


Pai Shou Supreme Revitalizing Mask:

thumbnail (41)

Did someone say hair mask? I love hair masks and I love trying them from brands I’ve never heard of. This mask helped define my curls. It gave them volume and life to my hair. The only two negatives I have on this is, the scent was a bit like a man’s cologne. It was just a little too perfumey and the last would be that I really love my Marc Anthony Curling Cream and it’s really hard to get me to replace it with another type of hair product whether it’s a mask or leave in cream. With that being said, this is the perfect mask cream to bring with you while traveling or if you run out of your favorite stuff, then this would be one to pick up. Besides that, it worked really nice. Retails for $43


Final Thoughts:

thumbnail (38)

I’ve seen better Glossyboxes in the past. I see what they were trying to do with the spa theme but I feel that they slightly missed on it. The sprunchie is just in my opinion played out. I think the new spin on it is pretty cool but it just isn’t anything excited. The candle is really neat and it was different seeing it in this box as I’m used to beauty, skin, and hair products. I’m sad that I got a repeat item and there’s not much to say on that. The nail polish shade was so pretty but let’s face it, I probably won’t use it and all it will do is collect dust. The hair mask and toner were my fave items in this box, with the toner coming in at number 1. Their November box sneak peeks look very promising. I can confirm that the box design will be different so stay tuned for November’s review. To sign up for Glossybox, click on the link below.

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