Disney X Colourpop Designer Collection Review

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When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. The excitement is REAL!! I love Disney and what better than to have a Disney makeup collection. Well thanks to Colourpop, we finally got one and an inexpensive one too. Usually anything Disney is pricey but with Colourpop, we are given good quality makeup for less than half the price on other prestige brands. This collection is more of a Disney fashion couture collection. It features 6 lux lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, 3 ultra glossy lips, 6 super shock shadows, and 2 super shock highlighters. I was able to get 4 out of the 6 lipsticks, the eyeshadow palette, and 3 out of the 6 super shock shadows. Once the collection went live, part of it had already sold out. That tells you how popular this collection was. Let’s get into what we got and how these items performed.

The lipsticks:

The packaging on these lipsticks are everything. Each one features a Disney princess and the shade that represents her. I got Ariel, Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella. These lipsticks are creamy and super pigmented. They go and stay on pretty well. On the outside of the bullet you will see the princesses signatures, which I thought was a cool touch. It has a luxurious heavy feel to them, the bullet is all gold, and the best part is that they are each $7. STEAL! Let’s get into each shade.


Ariel: Peach Beige Nude

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Cinderella: Darkish Pink

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Belle: Berry

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Snow White: Candy Apple Red

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Super Shock Shadows:

The three super shock shadows I got were, A whole new world, So this is love, and Under the sea. I think super shock shadows are so pretty. The only thing I don’t like about them is that I feel they kind of move in their container. I felt that with the under the sea shadow. Every time I dunked my brush in, it just felt as if the shadow was moving with it. Also, I’m not too crazy on the creme formula that Colourpop has but for the price, I’m not mad at it. As far as performance, the super shock shadows were really nice. They were pigmented and had glitter in them. My favorite was A whole new world and the packaging is soo cute. The container actually has the castle right on the front of it. It almost makes you not want to use it and leave it for decorating your vanity. You can pick these up for $5 each. What do the shades look like? Let’s take a look.

A whole new world: Icy lavender with multi color glitter

Under the sea: Sea Green Shade with a Gold sheen to it

So this is love: Frosted Pink


It’s a Princess Thing Palette:

This palette comes with 15 shades and it’s Colourpop’s first 15 pan eyeshadow palette. It comes with a combination of matte and metallic shades. The front of the palette has all six princesses looking classy in their couture outfits. The packaging is black with stars on them. Upon opening it you will see the signatures once again of the princesses. The shades all have their names underneath each one, which I love. They feel soft and don’t have much fall out. This is the perfect palette for a more natural look and it’s only $20 bucks. Let’s check out the shades.

Chip: Matte Beige Nude

Juju: Matte Rosy Pink

Grumpy: Matte Salmon

Triton: Sand with Gold Sheen

Abu: Matte Warm Brown

Prince Charming: Ivory shade with a Green Duochrome

Ray: Metallic Champagne

Fairy Godmother: Metallic Coral

One Kiss?: Metallic Copper Gold

Thingamabob: Metallic Silver

Enchanted Rose: Metallic Rose

Poison Apple: Metallic Purple Pink

Magic Carpet: Dark Plum

Beast: Deep Brown with Gold Glitter

Midnight Curfew: Black with Silver Glitter


Final Thoughts:

I love Disney! So I knew I was going to like this collection no matter what. I think it’s amazing that Colourpop did it because it gives a chance for everyone to be able to purchase something. The packaging is soooo cute that at times I don’t even want to use anything because it looks so pretty that I don’t want to mess anything up. The lipsticks were probably my favorite out of the three. Now I haven’t tried the glosses or highlighters so I can’t say much about those but the lipsticks were the best. The super shock shadows are gorgeous. I’m just not too crazy on the creme formula. As for the eyeshadow palette, I love how neutral yet somewhat feisty it can be. The shades performed well and there wasn’t much kick back at all. If you are a Disney collector/lover than this is the collection for you. If you missed the first go around in purchasing this collection then you’re in luck because tomorrow November 2nd, Colourpop will be restocking the ENTIRE collection. So if you didn’t get the chance to buy anything or something sold out that you wanted. Tomorrow is the day to get it. I advise getting what you want as soon as it goes live which will be at 10AM PST 1PM EST. because you run the risk of it selling out again. Good luck everyone and remember dreams do come true.


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