Colourpop Fall Edit Collection: Good Sport and Crush on You Palette Reviews

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love leopard print. When Colourpop gave us a sneak peek to their Fall Edit Collection and the packaging was leopard print, I knew I was going to get it no matter what the inside of the palettes or lipsticks looked like. Not only was the packaging perfect but the colors chosen for this collection were even better. It had the perfect fall colors and I knew I would be using almost all of them. This collection comes with an Eyeshadow Palette, Highlighter Palette, 5 Supernova Shadows, and 6 NEW lux lipsticks. I picked up the Good Sport Eyeshadow palette and the Crush On You Super Shock Highlighter Palette, which was their first one ever. Let’s dive into both palettes.


The Packaging:

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Starting off with The Good Sport palette, the packaging on it screams ME times 100! I love leopard print. I even have a leopard print tattoo by my ankle. Already the packaging is giving me fall vibes with a fierceness to it. It has purple and orange all over it with the leopard spots. On the front, you have the name of the palette in a gold foil lettering. Inside, there is no mirror but that is usually typical in a Colourpop palette, so I’m not mad at that. The palette comes with 12 beautiful matte and metallic shades. The names of the shades are under each shadow, which I love and on the back as well.

For the Crush on You Highlighter Palette, this palette comes in a orange spotted packaging with crush on you on the front using gold foiled lettering. Inside, there are 4 beautiful highlighter shades. This is the first time Colourpop releases a highlighter palette. Usually, they are on their own. I would describe this highlighter palette as creamy. It feels very smooth to touch and the formula is just perfect.


Inside the shades:

We are in the month’s of September, October, and November. You know what that means, FALL! Leaves turning shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown, pumpkin spice on every corner, and then there’s the fall make up looks. This palette is the perfect go to fall palette. With multiple matte and metallic shades, you are sure to create an awesome look. Let’s get into the shades.

Wild Out: Metallic Champagne

Hooky: Brick Matte

Rookie: Orange with Blue Glitter

Sista: Matte Purple Magenta

Licious: Yellow Coin Metallic

High Hopes: Matte Coffee

Reckless: Matte Dark Maroon

Trooper: Matte Mustard Yellow

Hooked: Metallic Mossy Green

Trophies: Matte Dark Olive Green with a tinge of Purple

EBB: Metallic Light Green

Flow: Matte Brown


Crush On You Highlighter Palette:

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A creamy highlighter palette that comes off somewhat wet when swatched. I love the way this formula feels on the skin. We have 4 shades to get into so let’s go…

Talk In Code: Icy White/Silver Shade

Poker Face: Pearl Pink

Drop a Pin: Champagne Gold

Class Act: Peachy Gold


The Look: 

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In this look, I created a soft and warm pumpkin patch vibe to the eyes. I started off using High Hopes above the crease, followed by Hooky in the crease, then I used Trooper on the lid, I used Reckless to smoke it out, for my waterline I used Trophies, and for the inner corner I used Licious. Try this look out for your next coffee stop or fall activity.

Pros:  ( Good Sport)

Beautiful Fall Shades

Names under shades in palette

Inexpensive ($16)


Blends beautifully




A little too much fall out for my liking


Pros: ( Crush On You)



4 Highlighters

Inexpensive ($18)



I like blinding highlighters and this one was a bit shy in that dept. for me

When using a highlighter brush, because of the formula it tends to leave brush marks on it. That can easily be fixed by rubbing it out but still wasn’t too crazy how that came about. Not enough to make me hate it though.


Final Thoughts: 

Both of these palettes were great! The Good Sport palette was my favorite of them both. I loved being able to create looks using this palette. I would have to say it is my favorite Colourpop palette ever. The shadows blended easily and the pigmentation was on point. I also love how inexpensive the palette is. You can pick this one up for $16. The same goes for the highlighter palette that is $18. I like how Colourpop gave us a highlighter palette. I really liked it and will use it but I know that I’m so EXTRA and love blinding highlighters. I just didn’t get that kind of look when using these. I would use these more for like an everyday look. Still the formula is amazing, I love how soft and creamy it feels. Overall, I definitely recommend both palettes. I feel the price is perfect and you can do a lot with both. Both of these palettes and the full collection is running now on Colourpop’s website. So head over and pick up your’s today. Link will be down below.




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