Play By Sephora September Box Review

Play by Sephora box for September has arrived and I couldn’t help but think that the box looked a little different. I figured, maybe they got a new type of box in and that’s about it. I was wrong, upon opening the box I realized they had changed their whole look and I was living for it. For starters, the usual make up sack they send with all the products inside was no longer in there. Replaced by an environmentally friendly packaging that looks like a big zip bloc bag and it’s 100% recyclable. Ok! Sephora I see you trying to take care of our planet YAS! They also changed up at least for this month, the way to use your beauty insider points. Usually, you can only use them in store but for this month you can use them online as well. I don’t know if going forward they will continue to allow the beauty insider points to be used with online purchases. Only time will tell, but I really hope they do. Let’s get into this month’s theme Next-Gen Beauty and the items inside.

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Atomic Heat Mask:

This was the first time I hear of this brand so I was very intrigued to try out their product. It is a heat mask that when you put on your face hydrates the skin and infuses it with vital nutrients. The mask is supposed to be left on for 3 minutes and then with your wet fingertips massage the mask to activate the flash of heat. I personally didn’t like this product as it kind of irritated my skin. I felt the mask itself was a bit rough when I was massaging it onto my face before using water. My skin is sensitive so there are products that will work with it and others that won’t. Unfortunately, this one didn’t and it;ll be a pass for me.


Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer:


First of all, the color of the packaging is one of my favorite colors. I gravitated towards it because of that but when I tried this moisturizer out, I became impressed. I used it after using the Peter Thomas Roth atomic heat mask and it made my skin feel so much better as I felt that mask irritated it. This lightweight moisturizer is formulated with queen of the night cactus for soft and supple skin. It improves skin tone and helps with damage due to dehydration. I really did like this moisturizer. It left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I definitely see myself using it as part of my skin care routine going forward.


Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer:


I am so excited that this is in my box. I have always wanted to try this primer since it was released but never got around to it. I used it when I created my look of the day and loved how dewy it made my skin look. It is infused with coconut water and other energizing ingredients. It worked really well in getting my face ready for makeup and left it looking flawless. If you haven’t tried this primer yet, do so.


Nudestix Intense Matte Lip +Cheek Pencil In Kiss:

This multi use pencil is the BOMB!! I absolutely loved this lip and cheek pencil. There are so many uses for it. You can use it as a lip liner, lipstick, or blush. This rosy shade is so a color I would wear. It comes on creamy but turns matte. It feels so soft and not drying at all. It lasts up to 6 hours and works perfect with my skin tone. I’m not big on blush but I’m actually excited to try this as a blush too. First time using a Nudestix product and I must say it’s probably my favorite item in this box.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 In Medium Y390:

When I first tried this foundation, I was a little bit worried that the shade wasn’t going to work for my skin tone but after blending it out, it worked perfectly. What I loved about this foundation was the SPF that’s in it. I live in Florida where it feels like an inferno almost everyday of the year so it’s pretty crucial to have your SPF products or sunblock to not be exposed to the suns harmful rays. I love products that carry SPF in them, so that was a plus for me. I usually wear full coverage foundation and saw that this one was medium coverage but it still looked really nice and natural. It didn’t feel cakey and heavy. It’s perfect for building the coverage you want. I really liked it and I’m glad it was put in my box. I love Marc Jacob products.


Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume:

I’m super picky about fragrances. I like fragrances that are not too strong in scent but smell delicious. The Tom Ford black orchid perfume was wayyyy too strong for me and I wasn’t crazy about the scent either. It has a mix of black orchid and spice. It has that elegant scent to it but I’m more of a fruity scent type of girl and this one just didn’t do it for me. I noticed after awhile the scent died down a bit but it still isn’t a fragrance of my choice and I don’t see myself using it.


Final Thoughts:

I really liked this month’s Play by Sephora box. I liked how they give it a bit of a face lift. The stripes on the box were much thicker, the bag inside is earth friendly and reusable, and I loved how we you our beauty insider points online. For the most part, I loved the products in my bag this month. The nudestix lip and cheek pencil was my favorite item, followed by the Too Faced hangover primer. I really did not like the Tom Ford fragrance or the Peter Thomas Roth heat mask. The foundation and moisturizer were pluses for my makeup routine. I like the direction Play by Sephora is going and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for October. Sign up for Play by Sephora today using the link down below.

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