Glossybox Usual Suspects September Review

September’s Glossybox is bringing us a few criminals who have committed the perfect beauty crimes. These usual suspects are being booked in beauty jail and we can’t help but want to know more about them. Find out how the charcoal mask annihilates pores on your face, how the dry shampoo gets caught taming wild hair, or how the cleanser removed DEAD skin cells in this episode of THE USUAL SUSPECTS.


MoodMatcher Twist Stick Lip Color:

Upon my initial unboxing this moodmatcher lipstick amazed me. The fact that it can change colors to fit your mood definitely had me intrigued. I couldn’t wait to try it as I hadn’t seen anything like it before. That’s until I put it on and hated it. The lip color is black and when you first apply it, it starts to turn into this light purple red color that looks like I got punched in the mouth. After a couple of minutes, it starts to turn into a more reddish berry color that I just can’t seem to get into. Although the concept was pretty cool, I’m just not feeling this lip stick after all. The retail price on this lip color is $10.00 *Colors vary in the Moodmatcher Collection


Freeman PSSSST Original Dry Shampoo In Citrus:

thumbnail (93)

I loveddd this product! This is the perfect spray to put on your hair when you’re on the go and just don’t have the time to do your hair from scratch. It gives your hair this fresh and ready to tackle on the world look rather then just looking like you rolled out of bed. It takes away the shampooing your hair aspect (clearly not all the time) but when you really need to go and make your hair look as neat as possible. It eliminates odor and gives your hair volume, plus it has an amazing scent of citrus which I happen to love. The retail price is $6.99 (Full Size)


Stylondon 9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Eaton Square:

This 9 pan eyeshadow palette gives me rose gold and fall vibes. The shimmers are beautiful and the pigmentation is on point!! The palette is perfect for any occasion. You can wear it to work, a night out, or just because. It’s small and compact that you can carry it with you where ever you go. I do wish it had a mirror in it as I love palettes with mirrors in them but it doesn’t so I’ll just have to live with that. This palette is paraben free, cruelty free, and has Vitamin E in it. Next time you’re looking for that neutral rose gold type palette, check this one out. The price is really good too as it retails for $15.00.


Context Micro-Derm Regenerator:

thumbnail (86)

I’ve never heard of this brand before until now and I’m glad I’ve been introduced to it. This cleanser/exfoliator worked really nicely on my skin. It made my skin feel soft, smooth, and ready for a sheet mask. The exfoliating beads are gentle on the skin which I really loved. Some exfoliators can be really rough, so I liked that this one wasn’t. It removes dead skin and protects your skin cells while leaving your skin feeling hydrated. A full size retails for $35.


Lapcos Daily Skin Sheet Mask In Charcoal:

thumbnail (89)

After using the context micro-derm regenerator, I followed my routine with this charcoal pore care sheet mask. One of my favorite type of sheet masks out there are pore care masks. I hate the pores on my nose so anything that can help with that, I’m here for. This mask has tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and charcoal extract to help remove toxins and keep your skin hydrated. It had this really nice scent to it as well and didn’t leave my face sticky like some masks do. For $3.50 I’d say it’s one of the best masks I’ve tried.


Wild Garden Body Mist In Sweet & Naughty:

thumbnail (88)

When I first saw this body mist in my box, I was pretty skeptical as I’m not a huge fan of body sprays. As a matter of fact, I already had planned to give this away. That’s until I sprayed it just to get a whiff of the scent and I caved. It smells so good. It has a blend of orange blossom and jasmine in it that reminds me of the Victoria Secret Love Spell body mist. I usually don’t like mists or sprays because some of them have really strong scents that activate my allergies and before you know it, the sneezing storm doesn’t stop so I try to stay away but this one didn’t do that and I fell for it. Plus the price is great, as it is $10.95 and this is the full size.


Final Thoughts:

I loved this month’s usual suspects Glossybox. With the exception of the icky Moodmatcher lipstick, everything else was perfect. The body mist really took me by surprise because I didn’t think I would like it but it turned out to be my fave and whoever invented dry shampoo…Thank you! This box was great, the theme was great, and I look forward to what will be in October’s box. Could we have a Halloween theme? Stay tuned. To sign up for Glossybox, click on the link below and start building your beauty/skin care collection.

Instagram: isacrissy

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