Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eye Master Brush Collection Review


Just as quick as the vault dropped, a new collection was brewing between Morphe and Jaclyn Hill yet again. In the photo teaser, you can see Jaclyn with a bunch of brushes surrounding her as if someone was getting her makeup ready for her next shoot. It was clear there was another brush collection coming and that it was. Introducing the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Master Collection brush sets. This collection comes in three sets, the first one is The Master Collection. This collection has every single brush you could possibly need to get your whole makeup look snatched. In here, you will find a foundation brush, powder brush, eye brushes and even contour brushes. This collection offers every detailed brush you need to make your makeup look flawless. It retails for $165. The second set is The Face Master collection. If you don’t need all the brushes in The Master Collection and just want to focus on your face , then this would be the set for you. In this set you get brushes for bronzing, blush, foundation, highlighter, etc. and it comes in a really cute silver sparkly makeup bag. The price on this set is $58. The last and final set is The Eye Master Collection. This is the collection I purchased and will be talking about in this review. This set costs $42 and has every brush you need to create a killer eye look. So how did this particular set perform? Let’s find out.


The Eye Master Collection:

thumbnail (81)

I love creating eye looks. My absolute favorite part of my makeup routine is putting on eye shadow, so of course I was stoked when I saw this part of the collection. I’ve only owned like two brushes from Morphe but never a collection and for the price I figured why not get it to add to my vault collection. Let’s get into each brush in The Eye Master Collection.


JH30 Beast Mode Blender Brush:

thumbnail (82)

The biggest blending brush I’ve ever seen. This brush is all natural, big, and fluffy enough to pack on pigment all over your lid. Unfortunately, this brush didn’t work very well for me as it did the one thing I can’t stand that a brush can do and that’s shed.


JH32 Transition Blender Brush: 

thumbnail (83)

The first brush I picked up to use when I opened this collection. It’s a natural transition brush that blends shadows so well. However, it too also sheds and some of the bristle’s almost separated from the brush making the brush hairs look all messy. At this point, I’m not too happy.


JH33 Universal Blender Brush:

thumbnail (74)

This natural brush is probably the best in my opinion out of the three blender brushes. It packed on pigment really well and there was no shedding of the bristles. It blended out my shadows the way I like and it worked the best.


JH39 Inner Corner Highlight Brush:

thumbnail (80)

Love, Love, Loved this brush. I needed the perfect inner corner brush and this one was it. It fits right in perfectly and gives that extra pop on my eyes. It has synthetic bristles and performs magically.


JH40 Precise Blender Brush:

thumbnail (79)

Possibly my favorite brush in the entire collection. This natural brush gives great definition on my crease. It is my most used brush when creating looks. This brush is awesome sauce.


JH41 All Over Lid Brush:

thumbnail (75)

This brush is perfect for applying glitter with. It has a blend of synthetic and natural bristles. Anytime I’ve used glitter for my eye looks lately, this is the brush I go searching for. It holds the glitter in place and picks up a pretty good amount.


JH42 Brow Bone Highlight Brush:

thumbnail (76)

This natural brush was the one brush I was missing in my collection and man is it a lifesaver. You can highlight your brow bone or even use on your lids.


JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush: 

thumbnail (77)

My second favorite brush in this collection. The way it smokes out my eyeliner is perfect. I love how it helps create this sultry eye look when I’m creating a smokey eye.


The Makeup Bag:

thumbnail (78)

This bag is super cute!! I love all things glittery and this one looks great on my vanity. I love how I can finally keep all my brushes in one place rather than have them scattered when I take them from home. It was definitely the perfect touch.


Final Thoughts:

Although, there were some brushes that I really liked in this collection. I have to say, this has to be one of the most disappointing releases in my opinion. I really wanted to like this collection but I have to be brutally honest. It just wasn’t a hit. The brushes shedding really put a damper on how excited I was to use them. There’s nothing more annoying then trying to create a look and the hair on your brush keeps falling out onto your lids or face. I thought maybe it was just the first time I used them but no it continued to happen every time after. I love Jaclyn Hill and Morphe. I do believe they pride themselves on good quality makeup releases and tools but unfortunately, they missed the mark on this one in my opinion. Sometimes you have great releases and other times you don’t. I don’t want a refund or anything because even though they shed, they do still get the job done but if I’m going to give feedback then yes, I’m not completely happy with my set. I don’t know if it was just mine or anyone else is experiencing the same thing but if you have sound off in the comments. I would love to know. I feel for $42 no brush should be shedding. Either way if you still want to try them out, please do so. This is just my personal experience with the brushes. Another option you have, is if you don’t want to buy the set you can buy the brushes individually. I have put the link down below for Morphe’s website or you can even visit an Ulta as they were just released there.


Partial Photo Credit: Nellybens

Instagram: isacrissy

** I did use the brushes. Some photos show when they were opened and others when they were used.


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