JaclynHillxMorphe Vault Collection Review

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2017 brought us some amazing collections and collaborations. In my opinion, the collab and palette of the year went to Jaclyn Hill and Morphe for the Jaclyn Hill palette. That palette was absolutely stunning, the shade range was perfect, the shadows were buttery, pigmented, blended well, and it had every shade you can possibly want in a palette. It was the perfect palette for me. Fast forward to 2018, I’m in my car when I get a notification. A video, Jaclynhillxmorphe part 2!! I was over the moon excited and couldn’t wait to see what this collection was going to bring. If it was anything like last year’s palette then I’m all in because that palette was everything and more. Introducing the vault, containing all the shades in four different palettes that didn’t make the original palette. I was counting my coins as I was watching the reveal. Jaclyn Hill and Morphe were poised to make 2018 there’s until…


The Controversy: 

Everyone was excited for this collection to drop. The hype was on 100 and people were ready to empty their wallets. Then came the beauty influencer’s reviews right before the launch and all went downhill. Claims of shades being patchy and not blendable plagued the excitement for the release. The look of confusion on influencer’s faces were enough to send people in question mode. I was shocked and worried, could the vault really be as bad as it was made out to be? I kept telling myself it couldn’t be because their original palette was perfect. It had to be perfect just like that one. The negative reviews spread so fast that eventually Jaclyn and Morphe had to postpone the launch date. It was disappointing in the sense that I was so excited for this launch but at the same time I understood their concern and was appreciative that they wanted to fix whatever the problem was. A month and a half later, they were ready to launch the vault again but by now many people were either not interested anymore or were questioning how they were able to fix the issue so quickly. Many rumors started to spread quickly but only Jaclyn Hill and Morphe know what really happened and all I cared for was to pick up my vault. Launch day came and I purchased it. I couldn’t wait to receive it.


The Packaging: 

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The packaging was beautiful, typical Jaclyn Hill style with the white palette and silver design on the front. The vault comes with four palettes named Armed & Gorgeous, Dark Magic, Ring the Alarm, and Bling Boss. I like the little case it came in. It reminds me of a bookcase and the palettes are the books you put in. Each palette comes with 10 shades. You have your mattes and shimmer shades that are so beautiful and one thing these palettes all have that the original did not have was a mirror in each one. Jaclyn and Morphe heard everyone’s feedback on there being no mirror in her original palette that they decided to put mirrors in each one this time around. That was a HUGE plus! The pricing was perfect! You could get the vault with all 4 palettes for $49.00 or you can buy them individually for $15. That’s a steal! We are off to a good start.


Armed & Gorgeous:


This palette ended up becoming my favorite in this collection. Originally, I was more intrigued by Bling Boss and Dark Magic but this palette proved to be the best one in my opinion. Some of the shades felt nice and buttery. There were two shades that gave me a hard time as far as patchiness is concerned and those were top secret and smooth criminal. I just kind of felt that they didn’t blend so well but the rest of the palette was perfect. It’s got the perfect fall colors in it and what a better time to get this palette because fall is already knocking on the door. Let’s get into the shades.

VIP: Icy shimmer

Access: Matte yellow orange

Gilt Trip: Shimmery gold

Coin: Glitzy shimmery gold

Agent: Matte pumpkin orange

Top Secret: Matte olive

Smooth Criminal: Matte brown

Secure: Matte fall orange’

Prowl: Matte chocolate

Classified: Shimmery dark gold


Bling Boss:


The first of two palettes that got me hooked to this collection. Bling Boss is a purple/pink palette. I love palettes with these shades in them so I was excited to try it out. After swatching it, I became a little disappointed as three shades felt and looked patchy. Those shades were sparks, mystic, and rockstar. After playing around with it for a little I was able to work with rockstar. It eventually started to blend and worked out with my look. The shades are…

Bling Bling: Silver/pink shimmer

Hush Hush: Matte mauve

Gem: Royal purple shimmer

Pizzazz: Burgundy shimmer

Mystic: Matte Dark brown

Sparks: Matte brick red

Glitz and Glam: Rose gold shimmer

Rockstar: Matte Berry

Ballsy: Pink shimmer

Berry Treasure: Glittery Black/purple


Ring the Alarm:


Ring the Alarm was all about the fiery look. I couldn’t help but sing Ring the Alarm by Beyonce while playing with this palette. I love orange shades so I knew I was going to like this palette. The only shade that gave me a bit of a hard time was framed but the rest were spectacular. The shades are…

Lolli: Shimmery rose

Rush: Matte orange

On Camera: Shimmery yellow gold

Boom: Shimmery bronze

Alert: Fire Matte

Bomb Ass: Shimmery fuchsia

Siren: Shimmery plum

Mugshot: Matte coffee

Framed: Matte burnt chocolate

Secret: Matte chestnut


Dark Magic:


The one that made me say oohhh ahhhh!! I got evil queen, slytherin, villian like vibes from this palette and I LOVED IT! I couldn’t wait for this one because I love Halloween and felt this could be a good go to Halloween palette. Sadly, three shades didn’t work so well for me. Those were potion, busted, and inside job. I really wanted to like them but just really struggled with them. Here are the shades…

Poof: Matte apricot

Power Cut: Glittery silver grey

Shhh: Matte Teddy Bear

Trickery: Shimmery Forest Green

Diversion: Shimmery Grey

Potion: Matte Avocado

Busted: Matte dark blue

Inside Job: Matte Dark Jade

Mojo: Matte Brown Grey

Temptress: Shimmery Black


The Look:

thumbnail (67)

Here I created a look using Dark Magic and Armed & Gorgeous. Try it out for your next outing.


Final Thoughts:

For the most part I did like the vault. However, I am disappointed in how it turned out for some of the palettes. Maybe it was just my palettes that were a bit off. My expectations were so high considering how bomb the original Jaclyn Hill palette was that I was expecting perfection. Some of the mattes were hard to work with. Blending was a bit difficult and the patchiness wasn’t fun at all. I do appreciate Jaclyn addressing all the rumors and everything that went wrong. I love her as an influencer and this little hiccup isn’t going to stop me from purchasing future products and collabs from her. I found it commendable that Morphe and herself decided to give customers who weren’t happy with their palettes the chance to return them. I personally don’t think it’s necessary for me. I did like it but it just didn’t wow me. It made me sad to see how some shades didn’t live up to my expectations but I’m not entirely upset. Do I recommend this palette? Yes and no. I mean I definately will use the palettes because I think you can still create some really great looks with them but there are some shades that I really wanted to use that I don’t see myself using because of how difficult I found working with them. I think it’s a great deal 4 for $49. I feel that if you don’t have the first Jaclyn Hill palette, I would go with that one before this one. Out of the four, if you want to buy individually I would go for Armed & Gorgeous and then Ring the Alarm. I wouldn’t say it’s a must have collection but if you want to try it out then by all means don’t let my opinion sway you. Your palette may work out just fine. Plus the price point is very reasonable. I look forward to seeing what new collections/collabs Jaclyn may have in the future. If you want to purchase the vault or individual palettes, click on the link below and that will take you directly to Morphe’s website.


Instagram: isacrissy

Photo Credit: IG: Nellybens





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