Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review

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Those that know me very well know that I’m a travel junkie. I love to travel! Just being able to see what this world has to offer is such an amazing experience. I began fully traveling a couple of years ago. Checking out places like the mountains in Tennessee, to the Grand Canyon, playing slot machines in Vegas, to hiking in Utah, and there’s many more places soon to come. So when I heard that Urban Decay had a palette whose theme was going to be a travel theme, I totally freaked out in excitement. It was the palette meant for me and knew right away that I was going to have to pick it up and that I did.


The Packaging:

The born to run palette comes in a sleek black packaging with Urban Decay’s initials on the front displaying a collage of different countries around the world. On the back, it shows the shades in the palette with their names underneath them. Once out of the carton, the entire package is a collage of places like Santorini, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, and many more. I absolutely fell in love with the packaging and it definately gave me the travel vibes. On the top part of the palette, there is a message that I love that says “You’re not lost. You’re born to run.” -Urban Decay. This palette just stands out on any vanity. Inside, there is a gigantic mirror along with 21 beautiful matte and shimmer shades that make up this go to palette for any trip coming up on your itinerary. Lets get into the shades.


Inside the shades:

This palette has 21 perfect shades to create that vacation slay look. There’s a purple, magenta, green, copper, black, etc. you name it. We start with…

Breakaway: Ivory Shimmer

Hell Ride: Berry Matte

Wildheart: Magenta Shimmer

Stranded: Rose Gold Champagne Shimmer

Baja: Fire Orange Matte

Punk: Chocolate Brown Matte

Blaze: Metallic Peach/Pink Shade

Accelerate: Red Copper Shimmer

Double Life: Metallic Rust Shade

Weekender: Tan Matte

Guilt Trip: Deep Purple Shimmer

Jet: Black Light Shimmer

Still Shot: Orange Matte

Ignite: Rose Gold Metallic Shade

Drift: Smokey Satin

Riff: Coffee Matte

Smog: Bronze Shimmer

Radio: Emerald Shimmer

Good As Gone: Brown Shimmer

Wanderlust: Forest Green Shimmer

Big Sky: Frosted Jade Green Shimmer

My favorite shade in this palette is Wanderlust. I think the names are perfect and go very well with the travel theme. The mattes feel smooth, buttery, and blend very well. The shimmer shades are so pigmented and beautiful. I love how there isn’t really any fall out from this palette and the mirror is PERFECT!!


The Look: 

I created this fierce slight smokey green eye look using Wanderlust as the star of the show. This look is perfect for a night out in town or when you want to wear that killer black dress to impress. Create the look yourself by following the steps in the photo down below.

thumbnail (23)



Palette has 21 shades

Gigantic Mirror

No fall out

Mattes blend beautifully

The pigmentation on the shimmers is perfect

The travel theme is my favorite kind of theme. The whole collage with the countries just gives it the perfect vibe.

Palette is $45 (which I feel is reasonable for a 21 shade palette from a very good brand)

The names are under the shades in the palette



No brush


Final Thoughts: 

Well, you can see I have so many pros and just one con. That should tell you how highly I think of this palette. The price point is perfect for all you get. Remember, Kylie Cosmetics released her Sipping Pretty palette that resembles this palette but only by the setup. That palette was $65 and this one is $49. Sure the shades may be different but they’re both beautiful. If you want to save some money, I would pick up Born to Run. Looking at the packaging makes me that much more determined to see the world. Life isn’t just always work, school, goals, etc. Life is also about discovering what you don’t know, seeing, feeling, and spending time with family in places that you’ve never seen. The collage setup was a cool concept and definately drove home the point of this palette. The shades are stunning and blend very well. The minimal fallout if any at all was very much appreciated. Urban Decay really hit it out the ballpark with this one. It is still on sale on Urban Decay’s website. The link is down below, pick it up before it’s gone. Now excuse me while I catch a flight with my born to run.



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