Kylie Cosmetics “Sipping Pretty” Eye Shadow Palette (Birthday Collection) Review

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Ever year Kylie Jenner releases a birthday collection on Kylie Cosmetics. We’ve seen the birthday edition and the I want it all collections. Now she has released her third birthday collection and judging off the packaging and products, it was sure to be a sellout. I managed to get my hands on the Sipping Pretty eye shadow palette and couldn’t wait to play with it. After creating looks with it, I’m convinced that this is her best palette yet aside from the purple palette. Let’s get a more in depth look on this super fun palette.

The Packaging:


Kylie gets an A plus on packaging. If there was ever any packaging that could slay the dragon, it would be this one. Kylie has put her birthday photos on the packaging for her collection and she looked awesome. I loved how nice the palette looked on my vanity. She definately gave us 21st birthday vibes as shes sitting in a tub wearing what looks like black lingerie and pink tulle. She’s also wearing a secret location birthday hat, while balloons and streamers fill the tub with her in it. The inside shows her red solo cup design that she had done for the lip trio liquid lipsticks that was also in the collection. Upon pulling the palette out, I was a little bummed out when I saw that the palette didn’t have the same packaging as the carton. I felt it was so plain compared to how beautiful the carton was. The palette is all black with Sipping Pretty across it in pink glitter. Inside, it has a huge mirror (which I love) and 21 brand news shades, her biggest palette ever.

Inside the shades:

As mentioned earlier, there are 21 shades. They range anywhere from pinks to neutrals to bold colors. There are matte shades and metallic shades that make up this beautiful palette. Let’s get into the shades:

Vanilla on Vanilla: Soft peachy matte, Martini Mama: Light pink metallic shade with what looks almost like a gold finish. (Pink & goldish), Pretty: Hot pink matte, Moscow Mule: Soft nude rose matte, 21+: Metallic rosy pink, Check ID: Matte soft mauvy pink, Jungle Juice: Matte fuchsia, Bday B*tch: Metallic pink with sparkles, Pre-Game: Matte tan beige, Lit: Metallic gold, Tequila Tangerine: Matte slightly darker peach, On the list: Metallic pink with sparkles, RSVP: Metallic lavender, Party Animal: Metallic blue, Sangria: Matte brown, Sex on the Beach: Metallic copper, Close the tab: Matte chocolate brown, Mimosa: Matte dark chocolate, Pour Decisions: Burgundy metallic shade with what looks like blue/purple sparkle, Hungover: Metallic grey, and Blackout: Matte black.

I loved the shade selection in this palette. The shades swatched beautifully. The mattes felt creamy and buttery. the metallic’s were absolutely stunning. They gave me Jaclyn Hill & Morphe vibes from their collab last year. They blended very well on my eyes. I think this is really and truly Kylie’s best palette and I also feel, in my opinion that this palette could easily be palette of the year. We all know I felt that way about Jaclyn Hill’s palette last year. I just feel like they really worked hard on this palette and it showed.

The Look:

I put together this very subtle but look at me pink look from the palette. It brought out the hazel out of my eyes. The blending was perfect and there was no patchiness. Feel free to put this look together yourself as I show you above which shades I used to create this look that I feel is an anytime anywhere look.

The Pros:

Palette has 21 shades

It has a huge mirror

The shade selection is stunning

The mattes blended well

Metallic’s are super pigmented

The packaging is beautiful

Very little fallout if any

The Cons:

Palette is expensive ($65)

There is no brush

The shade names are on the back of the palette instead of the front. I like it being underneath each shade. Makes it easier.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the palette was as I said earlier PERFECT! I haven’t felt this way about a Kylie palette in awhile. Her purple palette was so beautiful and I’ve used it multiple times but this beats it out. The shades are beautiful, the packaging is A1, and the performance was top notch. I know it’s a little pricey but if you’re a Kylie fan or really want a good palette then I do recommend purchasing this one. I know there was some social media buzz on how this palette resembled Urban Decay’s Born to Run palette but I can honestly say they are definately not the same. Sure the layout may look similar but the shades are not. I will be putting up a post on the comparison on both palettes so stay tuned. If you want to pick up the Sipping Pretty palette, it is still available on the website for $65. I will put the link down below. Till next time…





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