Play by Sephora August Review

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Last month’s Play by Sephora box was quite the letdown. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember every item that came in the box. It was just that boring and not really fun for me. I almost had half a mind to cancel my subscription but decided to stick out another month and see if Sephora could redeem themselves and that they did. Sephora came out swinging this month with some of the best products out there and products I actually love and will use. This month’s theme was Beauty Schooled, giving us composition notebook packaging vibes with makeup emojis. The bag came designed with back to school supplies on it as opposed to last month’s bag, which was pretty plain. Looking at the design gave me the feeling that we were in for some good stuff this month. Let’s check out what goodies we got.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel:

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I needed a brow gel so bad because my Benefit Cosmetics one was pretty much finished. If you know me, you know that I have some of the craziest, tangled, and bushy brows out there. I can’t go without using a brow gel because it’s the only thing that can actually tame them and leave them in place. So when I saw that this brow gel was going to be in the bag, I got excited. The gel went on clear and set my brows beautifully. It has a chamomile formula in it and the one thing I really loved was that it didn’t leave any flakiness to my brows. If you’re looking for a brow gel to try, definately look into this one.


Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay:

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I was so excited to get this in my box. I have tried Origins masks before and love them. This pink mask has exfoliating jojoba beads in them which I happen to love. It made my pores look a lot smaller especially on the nose. You don’t have to put a lot on as a small amount really covers a lot of the face. This sample will definately give me about 3 or 4 more uses. It smells really good and came off really easy. It made my skin feel smooth and clean. Origins never fails!


Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper In Clear:

Lip plumping products are some of my favorite. This was the first time I tried this brand and I really loved it. The clear lip plumper smoothed out my lips and gave it volume. One thing I noticed was that I felt a bit of tingling on my lips but that was just the product working it’s magic. You can use it by itself as a lip gloss or you can layer it over your lipstick. It made my lips look and feel full while also moisturizing them. If you haven’t tried GrandeLIPS lip plumper, you don’t know what your missing.


Make Up Forever Artist Rogue Lipstick In C211:

This beautiful pink mauve shade is one of my go to shades for lip products. It was nice to see this in my bag. The lipstick is very smooth, creamy, and pigmented. It gives off a satin finish to the lips and it’s such a wearable color. My lipstick came with a nick on it, so I wasn’t too thrilled about that but it’s easily fixable and it doesn’t take away from how nice this shade was.


Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner: 

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You guys know I love when I get hair products in my bag such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair cream. So when I saw the Amika shampoo and conditioner samples, I got really excited. However, that excitement faded quickly as I read that it was for blonde hair. I don’t have blonde hair so I was a bit thrown off by that. I know that we all have our own profiles on Play by Sephora, so you would think they would go based off our hair color but I guess this time they didn’t do that. This sample didn’t excite me and I hope going forward that they really study the profile to see what works best for me.


Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray:

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I’ve used Moroccan Oil products in the past and I love how they worked for my hair. I’ve never tried this finishing spray so I was stoked to give this a shot. It gave my hair volume and texture. It’s infused with argan oil and kept my hair looking nice all day. The scent on it smells really good and it doesn’t feel sticky to touch. I really enjoyed this product and will continue to use it.


Overall, this month’s Play by Sephora box was 10 times better than last month’s. My favorite items were the ABH brow gel, the Origins face mask, the lip plumper by GrandeLIPS, and the Moroccan Oil spray. The lipstick was in a beautiful shade, I just wished it wouldn’t have been damaged. The Amika shampoo and conditioner was a bummer. Really wished it would have been for my type of hair but it what it is. I really feel Sephora redeemed themselves this month and will continue on with their subscription. I hope the September box is just a great as this box was. If you want to sign up for Play by Sephora, the link will be down below and remember it’s $10 a month.

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