ABH Norvina Palette Review

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I was sitting at an In-N-Out Burger joint in Vegas just casually going through my phone when the news broke. A video from Anastasia Beverly Hills showing hues of a purple sky and a car driving down a road with a jingle much reminiscent of an 80’s tune was giving me the feeling that Norvina was just about to pop up in the video and sure enough it was Norvina driving the vehicle with a flawless purple makeup look that had me reeling in excitement. I knew Norvina’s palette was imminent and the purple was just a sneak peek to what we were all going to expect from her palette. For those of you who don’t know, Norvina (Claudia Soare) is the daughter of Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Anastasia Soare. She is also the president of the company and have probably seen her all over ABH on social media. Many had been waiting for the moment in which she would drop a collection and finally that day arrived. I picked up the Norvina palette and the rest was history.

The Packaging:

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The Norvina packaging comes just like all of the other Anastasia Beverly Hill’s palettes. This one though, comes in a purple carton with Norvina embossed in white and ABH’s logo on the bottom in gold. On the back it shows what the palette looks like and the ingredients. Out of the carton, the palette feels soft to touch and again with the palette name and logo on the front. Inside, it comes with a mirror which I really love and it has 14 beautiful shades. Seven that are matte and seven that are shimmer/duo-chrome. You have golds pinks, and purples just dominating the palette. It also comes with a double ended brush just like the previous palettes. This palette has it all in one and I couldn’t wait to start creating a look.

Inside the shades:

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The shades in this palette are absolutely stunning. The purples in here were the star of the show, taking social media by storm and having every consumer who is makeup crazy counting their coins. We start with the top row, which are all shimmer/duo-chrome shades. Front left to right we have dreamer: which is like a light gold champagne color, summer: a deep gold shimmer, wild child: a beautiful pink/magenta duo-chrome, rose gold: a metallic dark pink, celestial: the star of the palette with it’s duo-chrome purple and violet finish. dazzling: gives me copper vibes, drama: it says it in the name as this shade is a duo-chrome with what looks like to me a brownish purple shade, base: is like a vanilla matte, soul: is a beautiful lavender matte, incense: is a terracotta matte, love: is a pink matte, volatile: is a more like a soft chocolate matte, eccentric: is more of a caramel matte, and passion: is the perfect brown matte.

The Look:

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After surveying all the shades, I made up my mind on what look I wanted to create. In the picture above I posted what shades I used so that you can create this look yourself. It’s the perfect dinner date look or just because you feel like slaying the day.

The Pros: 

Palette has a mirror

The shade selection is absolutely beautiful

It comes with a double ended brush

Price for everything you get is reasonable and typical of an ABH palette

The shades performed and blended very well

The Cons:

Although this palette is nothing like Subculture, it still has quite a bit of fallout but not overbearing.

You have to be very careful with the shimmers in not pressing on them too hard with your fingers because I feel they can squash easily.

Final Thoughts: 

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I think this palette is worth every penny. I love how it performed and it made eyes look amazing. One tip I want to give, when tapping your brush in the mattes make sure you lightly tap into them because it picks up a lot of product and you don’t want to over do it. I think Norvina and ABH did a great job with this palette. Purple is one of my favorite colors so of course I was drawn to it once it was revealed. If you want to pick up this palette it retails for $42 and is still currently up on




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