Glossybox August 2018 Review

Last month Glossybox gave us the perfect summer box. It’s beachy vibes and perfect go to summer items were the best I received in any of my subscription boxes. They eluded to a part two continuation of the beach summer vibes with August’s box being as beautifully designed as July’s box and the products being just a perfect as last month’s. Glossybox for August has arrived and been tested. The design is super cute with beach umbrellas, a bikini, sunglasses, and seashells. It was illustrated by the same illustrator as July’s Sarah Bolton and succeeded in making it’s subscribers feel as if they were at the beach on a hot summer’s day. Let’s get into the products for this month.

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NCLA Nail Lacquer In I Been Drinkin’:

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When I go to get a pedi or mani in the summer, I look for all the vibrant nice shades like yellows, turquoise, corals, and then there’s the watermelon shade by NCLA. This shade is absolutely gorgeous! Last month I received their cuticle oil, which I enjoyed very much and now I received their nail polish. So already having a good experience with this brand, I couldn’t wait to try this nail polish. The color went on bright, smooth, and beautiful. You’ll be sure to slay the summer with this polish. Retails for $16


Grow Gorgeous Hair Care Scalp Detox:

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By far my favorite item in this box. I have never tried a scalp detox nor have I heard of the brand until now and I love it! This exfoliating detox does exactly what it says and that’s exfoliate and care for your scalp. It helps remove impurities that blocks the pores on your scalp. It’s got a perfume like scent to it, which smells so good. It goes on creamy with what I feel are small exfoliating beads. It feels grainy but nice. When you apply it on your scalp it gives off this cooling sensation on your head. I did not know that, so when my scalp started to feel like it was going to freeze, I slightly panicked but quickly realized that that’s how the product works. I definitely felt my scalp clean and fresh. For anyone looking to try a scalp detox, I really recommend checking out this product. It retails for $34.


Monu Eye Cool Gel:

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I had just gotten rid of all my eye gels because I felt like I had too many, only to realize that I actually needed to use one and didn’t have anymore. That’s when Glossybox came to the rescue and put in my box this awesome eye gel by Monu. It moisturized the skin under my eyes and left it feeling nice and plumped. I use this in the morning before I go to work because I’m definitely not a morning person and it takes a lot for me to wake up. So I use this to help freshen up under my eyes and give me the “Hey, I’m Awake” look. It has the ingredients ginseng, vitamin c, arnica, and sodium hyaluronate in it. This is perfect for dark circles and helps get rid of puffy eyes. It is a bit on the pricey side as it retails for $30 but it should last you a bit as this is the type of product where a little goes a long way.


VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh: 

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This primer is the perfect 2 in 1. It doesn’t just prime your face for makeup, it also illuminates your skin as it gives off this shimmery look. It feels soft  and leaves your skin feeling radiant. The only downfall I have on it, is that it’s in a glass bottle much like a nail polish and you have to kind of go old school the way you would on a glass ketchup bottle and try to tap it out on your hand. I like more of the traditional squeeze tube primers but other than that this primer goes on nice and gives off a highlight look. It retails for $10


Ren Clean Skincare Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion:

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This product was the most expensive product in the box and by being expensive I thought to myself this has to work wonders for the price and it sure does that and more. It immediately moisturized my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and plump. It helps fight aging and it carries the ingredient Carthame Oil that helps repair the barriers of your skin. I love the scent on this. It has a slight perfume scent but smells nice and just gives life to your skin. Retail price is $44


Setz Blot + Translucent Powder Packettes:

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The perfect on the go face powder has just arrived in our Glossybox and I couldn’t be any happier. It absorbs oil and shine without ruining your makeup and also sets your makeup. Perfect for touching up. One thing I really liked about this was that the powder doesn’t weigh the skin down. It felt light and smooth. It left my makeup looking flawless and I didn’t have to pack my full size face powder. I would definitely make this a part of your makeup bag for traveling. The less things to bring the better. Retails for $3.99 (5 Packs)


This month’s box was as nice as the July box. The design was beautiful and gave me summer vibes. I wish Glossybox could make designs on all their boxes. They are just too adorable and make the perfect storage. I do feel that July was slightly better than August but that’s not to take away from this box. The scalp detox was everything my scalp needed to be nourished, there’s nothing like painting your nails with a shade that makes you want to belt out the hit made by Queen B, an eye gel that wakes you up, travel size setting powders, a primer that makes you glow, and a plumping cream that gives life to your skin what’s not to love. Remember you can sign up for Glossybox at $21 a month and start building your awesome makeup and skincare collection. (Link at bottom of page)

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