Glossybox July 2018 Review

It’s no doubt Glossybox has the best packaging for subscription boxes in the business. Their classic pink box that works great for storing things makes receiving one of these boxes even more special. Every other month or so Glossybox will change their iconic pink box to whatever theme is going on that month. For the month of July, we saw a change in pink to a beautiful teal box with shells, reefs, and seahorses designed by illustrator Sarah Bolton. It gave us summer feels and ocean vibes. However, despite the packaging being really beautiful, the real question is what’s inside? and is what’s inside going to be great? Let’s check out how Glossybox’s “Sea You Soon” box did.

Kueshi Facial Makeup Remover:

thumbnail (33)

I was really excited to see a makeup remover in my box as I feel you can never have too many makeup removers. I always find myself running out. This is the first time I’ve heard of the brand Kueshi and after trying out this remover, I have to say I liked it. It didn’t leave that greasy film you get from other makeup removers and that was my worry going in because I felt like it was going to do that but it didn’t. It also wiped away waterproof makeup fairly easy, which I liked and it was gentle on the eyes. The blue phase in the remover is actually a mild lotion that helps leave skin fresh. I really liked this product and I’m glad I got this. It retails for $14.00.

John Masters Organics Hair Spray:

thumbnail (25)

So if there is one thing I use that is probably really bad for my hair nut I use it anyway, it’s hairspray. I have that really poofy curly hair and for me hairspray really helps tame it, so I was really happy to see a hairspray in my box. This hairspray has a light citrus scent to it. It is packed with nutrients your hair needs and the really cool part for me was that it wasn’t sticky. I can’t stand sticky hairsprays, which is pretty much the majority of them. The only con I have on this product is that it doesn’t freeze my hair the way I like it to. Again, I know its bad to do that but I really love how my hair stays in place and has that wet look. This hairspray didn’t do that but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying. It retails for $10. Also if anyone has some great hair styling tips for curly hair that will give that curly wet look without puffing up, pass it on this way please.

It’s Skin Mini Macaron Lip Balm: 

thumbnail (28)

When I found out this lip balm was going to be in July’s box I got so excited!! I love macarons! They are delicious, remind me of Paris, and are the cutest little pastries. Everyone received one of these super cute lip balms which are perfect for your vanity in their box this month. There were several different colors and I happen to get one of my favorite colors which was the mint color. This lip balm has vitamin derivatives and fruit extracts that help make your lips healthy and keep them moisturized. The fruity scent it has is so delicious it makes me want to eat it. I almost didn’t want to take it out of the packaging but I couldn’t help myself. This will be my go to lip balm for the summer. Retail price is $5.99.

Affect Cosmetics Matte Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder:

thumbnail (37)


This rice powder worked so well when I did my makeup yesterday. I had never heard of the brand but the product did great. It didn’t make my skin feel dry and it gave me that flawless matte finish that I love. The powder is white but comes off very easily and sets foundation really well. I was truly impressed and its also a bang for your buck as it only costs $12. The only cons would be that is that it can get a bit messy so be careful when applying as it is loose powder and the cap is a bit tricky to put back on. I can for see a mess everywhere if not put on properly, otherwise it’s a must have.

NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil in Mermaid Tears:

thumbnail (36)


Did someone say Mermaid?? I knew I was going to love this product just because of the name. I love mermaids and this cuticle oil with it’s mint green look gave me all types of mermaid feels. I loved how this performed on my cuticles. It has a yummy fruity scent to it and carries Vitamin E combined with sunflower seed oil. It helps nourish your nails and cuticles. One thing that I really loved about this oil is that it helps get rid of that temptation to pick at your cuticles. I have to say, I have always had the worst habit in picking my cuticles. I can’t tell you how many times I have been scolded by nail techs over this habit. So I’m glad and excited to see that I got this and definitely see myself using quite often. It retails for $18.

John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler:

thumbnail (38)


I couldn’t have needed a better detangler for my hair at the moment. I had actually just ran out of my last one and had totally forgot to buy one when I realized I had recieved one in my Glossybox. This detangler is awesome sauce! It’s lightweight and creamy which I really loved. It didn’t give off that alcohol type feel that sometimes some detanglers will give off. Key ingredients in this product are grapefruit and soy protein, which helps hydrate and strengthen your hair. I loved how easily it detangled my curls. I didn’t have to sit there fighting with my brush to get through which was such a relief. It made my hair feel smoothed and conditioned. Absolutely loved it! This detangler retails for $6.

thumbnail (30)

My final thoughts on this month’s Glossybox is…this box deserves an A plus! I have to say it is the BEST Glossybox I have ever gotten in almost a year of getting boxes. It beats out all the subscription boxes I got this month including Boxycharm and Ipsy. Every single item in this box is an item that I will use. My favorite was the mini macaron lip balm because I loveeee macarons and the cuticle oil was a must have because I need to practice better cuticle care. The box this month is super cute and goes perfect to add to your shelves to give your room that pop of color. Everything was just awesome! I loved it all! If you want to sign up for Glossybox, it is $21 a month and I will leave the link down below. Also stay tuned because for next month’s box I see another really cool design coming our way. 🙂

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