Play By Sephora July Box Review

Known for it’s black and white striped packaged box, Play by Sephora is always one of my most anticipated boxes. With it’s 50 beauty insider points perk and it’s cute little bag, Play by Sephora is always an exciting box to receive. However, lately it has been quite a bit of a let down. Last month was by far my favorite month of doing a year’s worth of play but did this month’s box come close to last month’s? Let’s find out.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty:

thumbnail (16)

This powder blush is really a great one. It has this soft and silky texture to it and isn’t one of those types of blushes that can be chalky. One really cool thing about it, is that it last for up to 12 hours and looks the same as if you just applied it. The amazonian clay helps control oils and infuses moisture for perfect blending. The only con that I have about this product is that I have too many of it. It seems to be my subscriptions favorite item to put in all my boxes. So although it is a really good blush, I just don’t need anymore of it.

Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Mosturizer:

This hydrating gel is light on the skin and it uses 100 percent plant-derived ingredients for brighter and balanced skin. The one thing I found it useful for was for my pores on my nose. I hate the pores on my nose so I found this moisturizer a huge help in minimizing my pores. It also calms redness and it gives you that dewy look. I really enjoyed this product.

Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen:

thumbnail (18)

The one thing I really liked about this product were the oil beads. They have an anti- aging formula that helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I like skin care products that have beads in them so this was a plus for me. It’s also vegan and just helps give you that youthful look. For me, I don’t think it was a favorite. I liked the oil beads but I don’t really need many anti-aging products, at least not yet. I don’t see myself really using it much now, but maybe as I get older.

Tarte Color Splash Lipstick (Rainforest of the Sea Collection) in Salt Lyfe:

thumbnail (15)

By far my favorite product of the box! The shade is so beautiful and it’s definitely a shade I would wear. The formula is creamy and ultra pigmented, giving your lips a satin finish. It glides on smoothly and makes your lips look fuller. The shade is like a mauve color and for me it goes well with everything I wear. This is a lipstick that will constantly be in and out of my make up bag. Love it!

Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil: 

thumbnail (22)

I will say, I was a bit skeptical about this face oil as I’ve tried many oils before and I haven’t really found one I’m crazy for. However, this one changed that for the better. The scent of wild rose is ever so subtle but just enough to take in, not causing a sneeze fest like when you walk by perfume counters at Macy’s and you have several perfumes mingling in the air. No, this one is more soft in scent and it has Vitamin C in it. It helps improve discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, pores, and just your overall facial complexion. I have noticed a difference in my face and how it has cleared up certain areas where I had small acne concerns and it’s made my skin look clearer and brighter. Finally, I have the perfect facial oil.

Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Creme: 

thumbnail (21)

So this was the extra sample given in the box. Usually it is a perfume sample but this month it’s a hair care sample. I was a little disappointed as I have crazy curly hair and the first thing I saw on this sample was blow dry. I don’t usually blow dry my hair. I actually really love my curls so I don’t see myself using this product. I know you can use it for curly hair but I believe only when you are going to blow dry it. In a year, I probably blow dry my hair maybe once and that’s it. So I would recommend this for the person who blow drys their hair often and unfortunately, that is not me.

My final review on Play by Sephora’s July box is a 3 out of 5. I feel Sephora Play has been a bit inconsistent with their boxes lately. Last month was by far the best and this month was sub par. I feel it flip flops every month (my opinion). The Tarte lipstick, Korres facial oil, and Biossance Gel Moisturizer were my favorite products for this box. The blush is nice but I just have too many of them and I just don’t see myself reaching for this one. The Algenist liquid collagen is more for anti-aging. I also don’t see myself using this and although I loved the beads, it’s still not going to be part of my routine and the Briogeo blow dry creme is just that, a blow dry creme for those who blow dry their hair. I have contemplated canceling Play by Sephora as I just haven’t found them to be exciting lately, except for last month. Even the baggy that the products came in this month seemed very plain compared to their previous bags. I’m not sure yet whether I will continue it or not. We shall see but if you are interested in trying them out, go for it. A monthly subscription costs $10.60 and it’s all the brands that you would find in a Sephora. Plus if you shop at Sephora, your beauty insider points card will come in handy. What may not work for me, will for you.


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