Ipsy’s Glam bag Review July 2018

My collection of make up bags could rival those at a Marshalls or TJ Maxx beauty section and I only have Ipsy to thank for that. July’s glam bag comes in as this beautiful holographic blue swimming pool color which is perfect for their pool ready theme. Giving us all the mid summer feels and prepping us for those summer nights. For only $10 dollars a month, you get to create a profile describing makeup brands you like, your skin tone, what lip colors you use, and lots more. Once that is done, Ipsy will then curate your glam bag based off your profile. Sending you about five sample items and a makeup bag that you will be sure to love. So let’s get into what was chosen for me this month.

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BellaPierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder:

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First item up, is the BellaPierre Cosmetics banana setting powder in medium. I have actually received this setting powder in a previous subscription box that was not Ipsy and I really liked it. It’s perfect for dark circles/red spots and of course setting your foundation or concealer, it doesn’t give off that cakey look which I really liked, and it doesn’t have that heavy feel that some powders may have. It doesn’t have a banana scent to it, just in case you wondering but it’s definitely helpful in your daily makeup routine. I would recommend this setting powder.

Fresh Garden Pomegranate Firming Mask and Acai Berry Calming Mask:

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For those who don’t know me, I am a huge sheet mask junkie. So when I saw that I had not one but two masks in my bag this month, I was doing the happy dance. The Fresh Garden Pomegranate Firming Mask and Acai Berry Calming Mask was just what I needed this month. The firming mask has pomegranate and red flower extract which helps soothe out fine lines and helps lift your skin, while the acai berry calming mask has seven natural ingredients that soothes tired and stressed out skin. I loved both but, my favorite was the calming mask. I just came back from a trip where my skin really took a beating with the dry air out west. This mask was all I needed to get that rejuvenated look back.

How to use the masks: Make sure to cleanse your skin, use toner after cleansing, and then apply the sheet mask for about 10-20 minutes. Use whatever essence is left inside the package to get full absorption.

Sugar Cosmetics Stroke of Genius Heavy Duty Khol 02 Eye Pencil in Purple Rain:


I couldn’t help but think of Prince when I saw the shade name to this eye pencil and it sure does live up to it. This deep, rich, and bold pigmented purple color goes perfect when creating that daring sexy eye look or any look for that matter. It glides on so smooth and creamy, which I really love. It’s also waterproof and lasts for up to 8 hours without smudging. Now this is my kind of eye pencil. Another really great thing is that all the products from Sugar Cosmetics is cruelty free. Yay! So if your looking to create a fun eye look or even a sultry one, this pencil is the one for you.

OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Exquisite:


This is my first time trying an eye shadow from OFRA and I didn’t really like the shade that was chosen for me. Exquisite is a shimmery black eye shadow but when I used it, it came out more of a charcoal gray then a black shadow. I loved the glittery shimmer it had in the shade but I just felt the shadow was too light for my liking. You could definitely use it to help create a smokey eye look but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice in choosing a shade to go with. I personally didn’t feel my shade was as pigmented as I like it to be so it was a bit of a let down but I’ve been wanting to try different products from OFRA and I think it’s cool that their headquarters is literally 15 minutes away from me. I’m hoping to try other eye shadows from them as I feel this was just a shade that didn’t suit me and I’m sure they have other’s that I will be completely happy with.

Half Caked Lip Fondant in Girl Crush:


Nothing says sexy than a bold red lip and Half caked did THAT with their “girl crush” lip fondant. This matte vegan liquid lipstick is long lasting and smudge proof. Its feels smooth on the lips and goes perfect with that little black dress you plan on wearing to dinner this weekend. It is cruelty free and although it is matte, it didn’t feel like my lips were falling off or were too dry. The packaging is super cute! Makes me want to grab a donut or a cupcake at any time of the day or night. This is the first time I try any product from this brand and I got to say, I’m excited to try more in the future.

There you have it, Ipsy’s glam bag review for the month of July. My final thoughts are, it was a great bag. I really enjoyed the lip fondant, the face masks, and the eye liner. I already had the banana powder but when you get lots of subscription boxes you’re bound to get a repeat of a product. That’s not to say the setting powder isn’t good. It’s actually great! The only two things I will say were not all that great for me was the OFRA eye shadow shade in exquisite. It was just too light for my liking and on the glam bag there is a minor detail that kind of bothers me and that would be the position of the zipper. It’s not thatttt big of a deal but for me I just like my zippers at the top of the bag rather then on the side of it. Although this bag is beautiful, I did feel it was a little bit on the small side compared to previous bags. Other than that, the bag was awesome and I can’t wait to see what August has in store for us.




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