Laura Lee’s Nudie Patootie Palette Review

There’s nothing better in your makeup collection then a really good nude palette and that’s just exactly what Laura Lee was more than likely thinking when she decided to release her sophomore palette “Nudie Patootie.” The name itself is super catchy and one of Laura’s main words in her vocabulary.



The packaging comes very sleek and chic with a rose gold feel to it. It features her logo Laura Lee Los Angeles in a shiny gold finish. On the top side and bottom it shows her new emblem as well. The front says Nudie Patootie in raised glossy lettering. It features 14 beautiful vegan and cruelty free shades with 8 creamy mattes, 4 shimmers, and 2 foils. It also comes with a mirror inside and might I say this palette is pretty long.


The palette goes very well with everyday looks or you can even create a sultry night out look using the star in the palette (my opinion) “Jaybird” which is a nice pinkish foil. There is some fallout which is typical in any eye shadow palette but Jaybird which is my favorite definitely had quite a bit of fallout so I recommend doing your eye shadow first and then your foundation along with other face products. Here are swatches from the palette to give you a taste of Nudie Patootie.






The price for the palette is $45, that makes each shade $3.21 and is currently for sale on

Final thoughts, I think the packaging is perfect for it’s nude theme. It is a vanity standout. I love the wide variety of neutral colors. From your light and dark nudes to your pinks and peaches. There is a shade for everyone in here. The price point is about the average price you see on palettes today but with that many shades, I’m more than happy with the price. I do wish her shipping threshold was lower than $75 but it is what it is and it’s up to you if you see yourself using this palette or simply collecting it to deck out your vanity. Also, there was quite a lot of chatter on how similar this palette resembled Urban Decay’s Naked 3. I can see how some colors may look close but I felt it was just a bit different. I’ll get into that a little later on in “War of the Palettes” Nudie Patootie vs. Naked 3 but overall, I enjoyed the palette and look forward to the rest of the collection coming out this month.

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