KKWxMario Palette Vs. Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette


When hints and photo teasing began to drop on KKW Beauty’s and Mario’s Instagram pages, many assumed a huge collaboration was in the works. I couldn’t wait to see what both had up their sleeves. For one, Mario is a successful makeup artist and has been Kim Kardashian West’s makeup artist for 10 years so it was only fitting that at their 10 year anniversary they would launch a collection together.

As speculations continued, we were finally given confirmation that a collection was about to drop and it was going to be huge. The collection includes Kim’s signature creme nude lipstick in the shade Classic K, a 10 pan eye shadow palette, and two glosses in shades Juicy and Super Nude. The palette, which many noticed came similarly close to little sister Kylie’s Royal Peach palette was the talk in the makeup community.

I happen to own the Royal Peach Palette so I couldn’t wait till my KKWxMario Palette arrived in order to compare both. Upon opening the KKWxMario Palette and putting it side by side the Royal Peach Palette, I realized that although they may look very similar they are actually quite different. Here we take a look at the shades that had many questioning its similarities from both palettes.

In the first picture, Bronzy came close to Duchess. Bronzy is a more copper like color while duchess gives off a more rose gold finish. Picture two shows Libra and Royal, the two colors that I feel were the stars of both palettes. Libra is more of a cobalt blue while Royal has titanic feels all over it with its “heart of the ocean” color. Miami is more of a dark nude but can easily be looked at as a sandy color just like the one underneath Miami called Sandy. Both shades are mattes. Glam and Queen Bee, for these shades they definitely look a bit different but when looking at them in the palettes, they can be a little deceiving. Queen Bee is that golden ticket color while Glam has more of a champagne look to it. The last of the bunch is Bronzy and Queen Bee. These two can be deceiving colors as well but can come close when looking at them.

Now the question stands, should you buy the KKWxMARIO Palette or The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons…


PROS: Creamy shadows

Mirror in palette

Colors are beautiful and blend great

Sleek packaging

CONS: Only 10 shadows

No brush in palette

$45 plus $8.95 shipping

Some of the matte colors had a little too much kick back for my liking

Exp. date: 1 year


PROS: Has 12 shadows

Comes with brush

Mirror in Palette

Shadows blend well and shimmer’s beautiful

$45 and FREE shipping

Love packaging

Exp. date: 2 years (Plenty of time)

CONS: Little too much kickback on mattes for my liking

Brush is HORRIBLE quality


WaterMark_2018-04-22-22-18-08_1524542914133 (1)

These were just some of the main pros and cons to both palettes. In the end, it’s going to come down to funds, which sister you like the most, and which palette suits you best. It is a very tough choice if you’re considering either palette. In my opinion, my favorite out of the two is the KKWxMario despite the cons I mentioned. I just felt the palette’s colors worked best for me. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Royal Peach. It really was a tough decision and Kim and Mario’s palette just barely skirted by. Although the colors worked for me, I will say that shipping fee that KKW Beauty charges is absolutely insane considering how much the products already cost. At least with Kylie Cosmetics, there is FREE shipping over $40. With KKW Beauty there is no limit. Hopefully that changes in the future.

Once again both palettes retail for $45 and are both currently available. I hope I made your decision-making a little easier. 🙂


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